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Core Values

The core value is to make every pet product attentively, and is committed to building a whole industry chain enterprise from product development, production to marketing channels.

Product quality priority

Brave to innovate,

Surpass ourselves

Stimulate endeavor

and role model.

Recognize outstanding "enterprise stars" in production, research and development, and party building, and encourage employees to be pragmatic and enterprising in their work and make breakthroughs

Combining education with fun,

Combining work with rest.

The company combines adapting to the times, adapting to people, enriching the spare time of employees and creating an optimistic and positive corporate atmosphere.

Harmonious environment,

Green production.

Continuously optimize the construction of the factory area, and put into construction the second and third phase projects in 2018 to provide employees with a safe, secure, comfortable working, living, and dining environment.

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